Imaging and Electrophysiology Module

This module supports and/or subsidizes access to a number of imaging instruments, including:

1. Multi-electrode array (MEA) recording in vitrosee the MEA page for detailed description of the set up.

2. A system for whole-cell recording + confocal microscopy + two-photon imaging – see the Confocal and Two-photon Imaging and Physiological Rig page for more information.

3. Core user access to the School of Dental Medicine Center for Cellular Imaging Nikon A1R Confocal Microscope. Vision investigators qualify for the reduced core user rate; see the Dental School Confocal page for more information.

4. Subsidized access to use of the confocal microscope at the Penn Vet Imaging Facility. VRC members currently pay 50% of the full rate, with the other 50% covered by the VRC. This rate will be adjusted to balance budget and demand. Contact Gordon Ruthel ( for more information.

5. Access to shared use of a Heidelberg Retinal Analyzer (HRA, SLO – OCT) located at the Retinal Disease Studies Facility of the New Bolton Center. Contact Gustavo Aguirre ( for more information.



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