The VRC high-density Microelectrode Array setup (Multi Channel Systems GmbH, Germany), or MEA, allows simultaneous in vitro extracellular recording from multiple locations in the sample. It is located at 124 Anatomy-Chemistry Building.

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The MEA setup includes:

  • Recording chamber with the electrode array
  • Perfusion system with temperature control and oxygenation capabilities
  • Recording system (low noise amplifiers and custom built data acquisition software)
  • Light stimulation system

MEA Layout:

  • Number of recording fields: 2
  • Number of electrodes in a field: 30
  • Electrode layout: rectangular grid
  • Electrode diameter: 10 micrometer
  • Distance between electrodes: 30 micrometer
  • Internal reference electrode

Stimulation system:

  • full-field flashes at user-defined intervals
  • full-field flicker at a specified contrast
  • white noise checkerboards.
  • We also have the capability to present custom-generated monochromatic stimuli from a user-supplied MATLAB file. Stimuli that we have used in the past include full-field flicker with values drawn from naturalistic distributions, correlated noise, and drifting bars.


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