Dental School Confocal

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Nikon A1R Confocal Microscope

  • Transmitted light, DIC and epifluorescence (Dapi, FITC, TRITC filters)
  • Objectives: 20x Dry, 40x Dry, 60x water, 100x oil
  • Piezo Z stage insert for high speed image capture when using resonance scanner.
  • Perfect Focus System – allowing for accurate stage reposition over timed series events.
  • Fully automated XYZ scanning stage
  • Environmental chamber with adjustable CO2 percentage and temperature with constant humidity.
  • Accommodates 35 mm glass bottom culture dishes, 30x60mm chamber slides and 25x75mm glass slides.
  • Scan heads for image capture
    • Galvo, up to 4 fps (512×512)
    • Resonance 30 fps (512×512), up to 230 fps (512×64)
  • 4 Laser lines with filter configuration providing the following:
Excitation wavelengths (nm) Emission Filters
405 425-475
457 465-505
488 500-550
561 575-625
638 650 Long Pass


  • 4- Dedicated PMT for laser lines
  • 1-DIC PMT
  • DUS Spectral detector- 32 channels of detection over the 400nm-750mn.  Spectral resolution adjusted to 2.5nm, 6nm and 10nm channel width

Image Analysis

  • Nikon NIS Elemtents software
  • Additional Elements Software Workstation
  • SDM server access
  • Secure Share


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