Machine Shop

If you can tell us what it needs to do, we can build it!

The Machine Shop is located in the David Rittenhouse Labs Building (DRL), located at 209 S. 33rd Street at the corner of 33rd & Walnut Streets. The shop handles the design, fabrication and repair of novel instruments and apparatus for research. From big to small, we design and build it all.

For more information about the Machine Shop, or to make an appointment, please contact Michael Suplick:
     (215) 898-8927

The Machine Shop hourly rate is $180/hour. For vision investigators, the VRC subsidizes 70% of this rate, so investigators are only responsible for 30% of labor plus any materials costs. 

Costs for a job can be estimated before work is begun, if desired. Please contact us to arrange a consultation the next time your project requires custom devices or repairs to existing equipment.

Brainstorming – Working with you to explore alternate designs and to ensure you have the functionality you need.

Design – The shop will develop an initial drawing of your project and make changes as necessary.

Fabrication – We will fabricate your device to high tolerance, using state-of-the-art machine tools and materials.

Repair – We can repair laboratory devices even if we did not originally construct them.


Recent jobs include:

  • Subretinal injectors
  • Multiple tetrode manipulator
  • Mouse treadmill for awake physiology
  • Repair to sliding microtome
  • Optical bench/confocal microscopes
  • Heated microscope stages




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