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Vision Seminar


Talks are typically alternate Mondays, 12:15-1:15 pm, in Barchi Library (140 John Morgan Building), but see below for occasional exceptions.

Students (and postdocs): We encourage you to have lunch with a speaker or two during the year. Please contact the speaker's host (in advance, if possible).

Fall 2011

September 19:
Gautam Awatramani
Parallel Mechanisms Encode Directional Selectivity in the Retina
Dalhousie University
Host: Robert Smith


October 3:
John Flannery

Optogenetic Approaches for Vision Restoration
University of California
Host: William Beltran


October 17:
Wilson Geisler
Detection and Fixation Search in Naturalistic and Natural Images

University of Texas at Austin
Host: Diego Contreras


October 31:
Nick Marsh-Armstrong

Phagocytic Astrocytes and Glaucoma

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Host: Claire Mitchell


November 21:
Marlene Cohen
When attention wanders: how uncontrolled fluctuations in attention affect performance
University of Pittsburgh
Host: Nicole Rust


December 5:
Joseph Carroll

High-Resolution Imaging of the Human Retina: Development and Disruption
Medical College of Wisconsin
Host: Artur Cideciyan


December 19:
Joan O’Brien

Genetics of Ocular Tumors

University of Pennsylvania
Host: Jean Bennett



Spring 2012


January 9:
Anand Swaroop
A tale of tiny cilium: CEP290, primary cilia dysfunction and retinal degeneration

National Eye Institute
Host: Gus Aguirre


January 23:
Alexander Borst

In Search of the Holy Grail of Fly Motion Vision

Max Planck Institute
Host: Joshua Gold


Febuary 6:
Barchi Library 12:15 - 1:15
Penn Vision Research Center Faculty Meeting

Overview of VRC Facilities and Discussion of Ways to Enhance Vision Research on Campus

University of Pennsylvania
Host: David Brainard


February 20:
Neal Peachey
Congenital Stationary Night Blindness: New Genes, Mouse Models and Clinical Implications

Cleveland Clinic
Host: Daniel Chung


March 12:
Wei Li
A tale of two seasons: synapses and circuits in the ground squirrel retina
National Institutes of Health
Host: Noga Vardi


March 26:
Nicolas Bazan
Decoding principles to sustain hippocampal neurons and photoreceptor survival:significance of essential fatty acids
Louisiana State University School of Medicine
Host: Kathleen Boesze-Battaglia


April 16:
Jose-Manuel Alonso
Neural representations of darks and lights in visual cortex

SUNY College of Optometry
Host: Larry Palmer


April 30:
Stephen Lisberger

How does the brain get its notion of motion

Duke University
Host: Alan Stocker


May 21:
Tonia Rex
Erythropoietin gene therapy protects retinal ganglion cells in two mouse models
University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Host: Jean Bennett


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For scheduling and other information please contact Noga Vardi (email or phone 215-898-4520)

The Vision Seminar is supported by the National Eye Institute through its Vision Training Grant to U. Penn.