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Talks are typically alternate Mondays, 12:15-1:15 pm, in Barchi Library (140 John Morgan Building), but see below for occasional exceptions.

Students (and postdocs): We encourage you to have lunch with a speaker or two during the year. Please contact the speaker's host (in advance, if possible).

Fall 2010

September 13
Diego Contreras
Tonic and Burst Firing in LGN Neurons

University of Pennsylvania
Host: Larry Palmer


September 27
Vijay Balasubramanian
Efficient coding and the perception of texture
University of Pennsylvania
Host: Michael Freed


October 11:
Sansar C. Sharma
Glaucoma: Models and Mechanisms
NY Medical College, Valhalla
Host: Gustavo Aguirre


November 1:
Adam Kohn
Feedforward corticocortical networks

Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University
Host: Diego Contreras


November 22:
Anitha Pasupathy
Shape processing under partial occlusion in V4: insight into
representation and segmentation

University of Washington
Host: Nicole Rust


December 13:
Dora Angelaki
Getting a sense of direction: Combination of sensory cues improves spatial perception
Washington University of St. Louis
Host: Joshua Gold



Spring 2011


January 10:
Barry Knox
Mechanisms of Retinal Degeneration: Lessons from Live Cell Imaging
Upstate Medical University, Syracuse NY
Host: Kathleen Boesze-Battaglia


January 31:
Maarten Kamermans
Unconventional inhibition in the outer
retina -- mechanism and function

University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Host: Robert Smith


February 14:
Sara Aton
Mechanisms for sleep-dependent plasticity in the cortex following visual experience
University of Pennsylvania
Host: Marcos Frank


February 28:
Ronen Segev
Information encoding of movement and color by the retina
Ben Gurion University of the Negev
Host: Noga Vardi


March 14:
Robert Burgess
The role of Dscams in dendrite arborization, cell body spacing, and synaptic specificity in the developing mouse retina

Jackson Laboratories
Host: Jonathan Raper


March 28:
Jonathan Winawer
Visual field maps and population
receptive fields in human visual cortex

Stanford University
Host: David Brainard


April 11:
King-Wai Yau
Light Detection in the Retina

Johns Hopkins University
Host: Andras Komaromy


April 25:
William Beltran
The use of canine models to develop gene therapy for RPGR X-linked retinitis pigmentosa: joys and hurdles
University of Pennsylvania
Host: Gustavo Aguirre


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For scheduling and other information please contact Noga Vardi (email or phone 215-898-4520)

The Vision Seminar is supported by the National Eye Institute through its Vision Training Grant to U. Penn.