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Vision Seminar

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Talks are typically alternate Mondays, 12:00-1:00 pm, in Barchi Library (140 John Morgan Building), but see below for occasional exceptions.

Students (and postdocs): We encourage you to have lunch with a speaker or two during the year. Please contact the speaker's host (in advance, if possible).

Fall 2007

September 17:
Don Fox

University of Houston
Differential Susceptibility and Rescue Of Rod Photoreceptor Synaptic and Non-Synaptic Mitochondria to Divalent Cation Overload
Host: Gustavo Aguirre


October 15:
Bart Borghuis

University of Pennsylvania
Efficiency of an analog neural circuit

Host: Peter Sterling


October 29:
David Berson
Brown University
Ganglion-cell photoreceptors - A bit of fly in the mammalian eye
Host: Noga Vardi


November 5:
Society of Neuroscience meeting
- no seminar -


November 19:
Jessica Cardin
University of Pennsylvania
Impact of Network Dynamics on Cortical Visual Responses

Host: Diego Contreras


December 10:
Austin Roorda
UC Berkeley
Structure and Function of the Human Retina Revealed with Adaptive Optics
Host: David Brainard


Spring 2008

January 7:
Jeffery Diamond

National Institutes of Health
Diverse mechanisms underlie feedback inhibition in the inner retina
Host: Robert Smith


January 28:
John Robson
University of Houston
Seeing in the dark
Host: Jack Nachmias


February 11:
Eric Pierce
University of Pennsylvania
Novel cilia proteins from the mouse photoreceptor sensory cilia proteome


March 10:
Marcos Frank

University of Pennsylvania
Remodeling the visual cortex: complementary roles of experience and sleep
Host: Larry Palmer


March 24:
Susana Martinez-Conde
Barrow Neurological Institute, Phoenix
Perceptual and physiological effects of fixational eye movements

Host: Larry Palmer


April 7:
Janet Sparrow
Columbia University
Shedding Light on Bisretinoid Pigments of RPE lipofuscin and Macular Degeneration
Host: Jean Bennet


April 21:
Josh Gold
University of Pennsylvania
Sensory, sensory-motor and motor correlates of perceptual learning
Host: Larry Palmer


May 5:
Eyal Seidmann
University of Texas at Austin
Optimal decoding of neural population responses in the primate visual cortex
Host: Josh Gold


May 19:
David Fitzpatrick
Duke University
Imaging experience-dependent emergence of functional circuits in visual cortex
Host: Diego Contreras


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For scheduling and other information please contact Noga Vardi (email or phone 215-898-4520)

The Vision Seminar is supported by the National Eye Institute through its Vision Training Grant to U. Penn.