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Vision Seminar


Talks are typically held on alternate Mondays from 12:00pm - 1:15 pm, in Barchi Library (140 John Morgan Building). Please see below for occasional exceptions.

We encourage graduate students and postdocs to have lunch with a speaker or two during the year. Please contact Jessica Marcus ( to sign up.

Fall 2016

Monday, August 15:
Gerald Chader
(This talk will be held in Room 132 Hill Pavilion, 380 S. University Avenue.)
Bioelectronic Research Lab, University of Southern California

The Retinal Prosthesis: Renewed Sight Through Artificial Vision

Friday, September 2:
William Tsang
Institut de Recherches Cliniques de Montréal
Regulation of Centrosome Homeostasis


Monday, September 12:
Michele Basso
University of California, Los Angeles
Impaired Decision-Making in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease


Monday, September 26:
Donald Miller

Indiana University


Monday, October 10:
Jonathan Winawer

New York University


Monday. October 24:
Dario Ringach

University of California, Los Angeles


Thursday, November 10:
Michael Hoffmann

University of Magdeburg


Monday, November 21:
Noga Vardi

Lab for Retinal Microcircuitry, University of Pennsylvania


Monday, December 5:
Robert Lucas

University of Manchester




Spring 2017





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For scheduling and other information please contact Diego Contreras (email or phone 215-573-8780)

The Vision Seminar is supported by the National Eye Institute through its Vision Training Grant to U. Penn.