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News from the VRC

November, 2011

From David Brainard:

Dear Penn Vision Colleague,

This is an update on the facilities and activities of the Penn Vision Research Center

i) Congratulations to Peter Sterling.  Our very own Peter Sterling is the recipient of this year's ARVO Proctor Medal (see ARVO Award Recipients.
Congratulations, Peter!

ii) Return of illustration services.  We have decided to resume support of some illustration services, through Penn Biomedical Art and Design (  The VRC will subvene 50% of costs for illustration services  related to figure preparation for presentations/grants/publications.  We will not support poster preparation or printing.  Web design will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact David Brainard ( with questions.

iii) VRC faculty meeting.  There will be a VRC faculty meeting on February 6, 2011 from 12:15-1:15, in the Barchi Library.  At this meeting we will review the core modules supported by the VRC and discuss ways in which the VRC can further enhance vision research at Penn.  If there are specific items you think would be helpful to discuss, please email me (David Brainard, and let me know.

iv) Summer undergraduate interns.  We have some funds to support summer undergraduate research internships for work in vision labs.  We will require a co-pay from investigators.  We will use some of the funds to support interns who come to Penn through established programs (e.g. Computation Neuroscience Summer Internships), but can also consider support for interns outside of any formal program.  If you have identified an undergraduate who would like to work in your lab, or if you are interested in hosting an undergraduate who arrives through other channels please email me (David Brainard, with the particulars. 

v) VRC core modules.  As always, information on VRC core facilities and how to access them is available at

vi) Vision science seminar.  The VRC is a co-sponsor of Penn's vision science seminar.  Full schedule available at  Upcoming talks this semester are Joseph Carroll (December 5) and Joan O'Brien (December 19), at at 12:15 in the Barchi Library.

vii) VRC investigator list.  We do our best to maintain an up-to-date list of Penn vision investigators, available at  But sometimes we miss arrivals and departures.  If you know of someone who should be on the list but shouldn't, or who is on  the list but no longer at Penn, please email me (David Brainard, with the details.