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April 2012

From David Brainard:

April 9, 2012.
i) VRC short term visitors. We have funds to support short term visitors to Penn. The idea is that we can support travel, housing, and a modest per diem for short term (~1 week) visitors (collaborators, scholar in residence, someone whose work one would like to understand better, etc.) We'd like to make sure that each visitor have some time and opportunity to meet with Penn vision scientists other than their host, and to meet with students. If the visitor would like to give a talk, so much the better and we can coordinate with the vision science seminar. Also note that we can generally make arrangements for the visitor to have an office to sit in (at 3401 Walnut Street) if this would be helpful, and to set up a temporary Penn Card and Penn internet access. So, if there is someone you'd like to bring to campus, please contact David Brainard ( We will consider these requests on a rolling basis.

ii) Last call for summer undergraduate intern support. We have funds to support summer undergraduate research internships for work in vision labs - $3500 per student with a $1500 co-pay from investigators. We will use some of the funds to support interns who come to Penn through established programs (e.g. Computation Neuroscience Summer Internships), but can also interns outside of any formal program. If you have identified an undergraduate who would like to work in your lab, please email David Brainard, with the particulars. If you would like to find a summer undergraduate intern but don't know where to look, again email Brainard with a short description of the research project and we will work with you to post your opportunity at some standard outlets. The undergraduate need not be a Penn student. Deadline for these requests is April 30, 2012.

iii) Polling for interest in reviving "vision dinners". One idea that came up at our faculty meeting in February was that we could bring back the tradition of periodic vision dinners. These would involve perhaps two short talks from Penn faculty, followed by a buffet dinner at the faculty club where campus researchers could catch up with each other. If you think you and members of your lab would attend such a dinner (perhaps once per semester), please email Laurel Sweeney ( and let her know as well as a rough estimate of how many from your lab you think might attend. We imagine these would occur on a weeknight (M-Th) evening; if you have a day of week preference include that info. If there is sufficient interest, we will bring back this tradition.

iv) VRC core modules. As always, information on VRC core facilities and how to access them is available at

v) Vision science seminar. The VRC is a co-sponsor of Penn's vision science seminar. Full schedule available at If you would like to be added to an email list to receive notices, contact Noga Vardi ( We will also try to send notices for Ophthalmology Grand Rounds to the same email list.

vi) VRC investigator list. We do our best to maintain an up-to-date list of Penn vision investigators, available at But sometimes we miss arrivals and departures. If you know of someone who should be on the list but shouldn't, or who is on the list but no longer at Penn, please email David Brainard, with the details.

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