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August 2017: MRI Compatible TMS Stimulus Delivery System

MRI Stimulus

MRI Stimulus


January 2012: High-Dynamic Range Stereoscopic Display

Instrumentation Stereo HDR

The instrumentation module constructed the framework for a custom high- dynamic range stereoscopic stimulus display being developed by Dr. Brainard's lab. The image shows the partially completed apparatus before transportation to the Brainard lab for final assembly and calibration.


Summer 2011: Y-maze for Visual Testing


The imaging module constructed a Y-maze for visual testing of canines. On each trial, the canine is released into the long end of the maze and is rewarded if it choses the arm of the Y in which a light is shown. The project included the design of a portable and easily cleanable maze, as well as electronics that allow the experimenter to present lights of different intensities and wavelengths on each trial. The maze will be used to assess the efficacy of sight restoring therapies in the canine model.


March 2009: Magnetically Shielded Display


The instrumentation module implemented a magnetically shielded display system for use in functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) experiments. Shown below is the shielded box housing a video projector installed at the Glenolden imaging facility. The arm that extends behind the magnet in the image holds a mirror which reflects the light from the projector into the bore of the magnet for viewing by the subject.